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When you buy solar panels, whether it be with cash or through a solar loan, you are the owner of the solar panels. 


You get to use all of the solar power that your system creates, which cuts down your utility bill with net metering. In exchange for using solar energy, you pay a monthly lease payment to the solar company.


With a power purchase agreement (solar PPA), you don’t have to pay any upfront costs to install solar panels on your roof. Instead, a solar company installs and owns the solar system. 

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Utilities charge for Generation, Transmission, Distribution and more


This is the cost of the electricity that you use, which can be based on tiered usage or on when you use energy for time of use customers.


This charge pays for the delivery of high-voltage electricity from power plants to distribution points near your home or business.


The cost to distribute electricity to your home. It includes power lines, poles, transformers, repair crews & emergency services.

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Rooftop solar generates energy onsite. We customize the perfect solution to help you keep as much money in your pocket. Compare your monthly payments with and without solar below. Build your system now.

Solar Home Owners Can Pay 50-70% Less For Electricity!

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